Harvestella: The 10 Best Items (2024)

Harvestella is full of handy items and gear that can make your adventure go from good to great. You can craft and collect items to keep your farm running smoothly, your animals fed, and even keep yourself alive in battle. That sounds pretty important if you ask us.

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But, there are so many items, it's hard to know exactly which ones you should be seeking out to get the most out of your adventures. If you would like to know what items will improve your quality of life in-game, here are the best items in Harvestella.

10 Sprinkler

Harvestella: The 10 Best Items (1)

Between planting and harvesting crops, tending to your farm animals, and saving people's lives, it’s hard to find time to water all of your plants. This is where the humble sprinkler comes in. There are a couple of different sprinklers you can craft. But the basic sprinkler will cost you one Lorelei’s Tears, one Small Water Core, and five Monolite Fragments.

There are many unlockable fields on your farm, and you can't be everywhere at once. So making sure you have some sprinklers on deck is a great way to keep your plants tended to while you’re away from the farm.

9 Promise Ring

Harvestella: The 10 Best Items (2)

There may be plenty of things to keep you busy in Harvestella, but you can always make time for love. There is no marriage mechanic per se, but you can still romance any of the eight available party members. And if they enjoy your company enough, you can invite them to live with you.

The latter isn’t possible, however, without the Promise Ring. The Promise Ring becomes available to you reasonably late in the storyline. But if you are someone who enjoys romance mechanics in their farming sims, then the Promise Ring is definitely an item you should keep your eyes peeled for.

8 Accessory Synthesis Jar

Harvestella: The 10 Best Items (3)

The Accessory Synthesis Jar is a craftable item that can potentially turn the tides of battle. The Accessory Synthesis Jar can take two pieces of jewelry with different stat effects and combine them to create one piece of jewelry that bears both stat buffs.

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This can be extremely handy in battle. There are limited slots available for both you and your party to equip gear. So being able to combine stat effects means you get two boosts for the price of one. Creating one of these jars comes at the cost of ten Clay Pieces and ten Monolite Fragments, but the result is worth it.

7 Fishing Knowledge Book

Harvestella: The 10 Best Items (4)

The Fishing Knowledge book is a manual that you can purchase from the Lethe General Store for 800 Grilla. It teaches you how to fish and allows your Proshade to transform into a fishing rod, so you can get started.

Cooking and foraging are both extremely important aspects of Harvestella, and being able to fish helps with both of these tasks. You can either use your fish as ingredients to cook delicious meals at your Kitchen Counter, or sell them for the extra Grilla if you are running low on funds and have some spare time on your hands.

6 Hammer

Harvestella: The 10 Best Items (5)

When you begin Harvestella, you are kindly bestowed with many of the tools you need to begin your humble life as a farmer. But there is one tool that you will still need to craft yourself, the Hammer.

The Hammer is necessary to remove the pesky boulders from around your farm so you can clear the way for more crops. You can also level up your Hammer to get rid of the larger boulders later on. It's an incredibly handy tool and only costs ten Hard Stone to make. So what are you waiting for? Get rid of those annoying boulders on your farm with your new, trusty Hammer!

5 Feed Maker

Harvestella: The 10 Best Items (6)

The Feed Maker is another craftable item that will change your life in Harvestella. It costs two Lumber and two Rusty Metal to make, which is a very small cost for such a versatile machine. Once you have crafted your Feed Maker, you can stop purchasing expensive animal feed from town and start making your own.

The Feed Maker turns grains into Cuffowl Feed, and grass or vegetables into Wollum Feed. If you always have one of your Feed Makers on the go creating snacks for your barnyard friends, you can ensure you will constantly have a steady flow of animal products and Grilla in your pocket.

4 Fermenting Barrel

Harvestella: The 10 Best Items (7)

Fighting can be hard. And the bosses in Harvestella are no joke! You can’t just go to the store and purchase potions in Harvestella like you can in most other JRPGs. You have to make them. And to make them, you need some crops, and a Fermenting Barrel.

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You will need two Lumber and two Rusty Metal to make one. And once you have, you will essentially have potions on tap. You can put any sort of fruit or vegetable into your Fermenting Barrel, and in the morning, you will have a delicious juice to take with you on your adventures. Juices don’t replenish stamina, but they do restore health. They are a great pick-me-up to have during battle.

3 Repair Kit

Harvestella: The 10 Best Items (8)

Repair Kits aren’t necessarily essential life-saving items. But they are extremely handy for making your way through dungeons. It is not uncommon to find broken ladders or bridges when you are making your way through dangerous areas in Harvestella.

Whenever you see one of these areas, you have the opportunity to fix it with a Repair Kit. This will allow you to explore new areas or find shortcuts through the map. Creating a Repair Kit only costs you one Lumber and one Hard Stone, so making sure you always have at least one in your bag at all times can make your adventures much more fruitful.

2 Return Bell

Harvestella: The 10 Best Items (9)

You never know what’s going to happen when you’re out there in the field. You could easily find yourself bested by an unreasonably strong enemy or even just run out of time in the day. If it strikes midnight, and you haven't gone home yet, you will pass out.

If you want to avoid these untimely Cinderella moments, you're going to need plenty of Return Bells on deck. Return Bells each cost three Monolite Fragments, but their ability to instantly teleport you home out of any sticky situation is truly priceless.

1 Kitchen Counter

Harvestella: The 10 Best Items (10)

Dying gets expensive in Harvestella. Every time you pass out, you're slapped in the face with a hefty doctor's bill. The best way to avoid this is to unlock your Kitchen Counter as soon as possible. Food is the only thing you can use to restore both your health and stamina in battle. Juices are great for restoring HP, but sometimes they aren’t enough.

If you run out of stamina, you can no longer run or fight, and are rendered almost completely useless out there. To unlock the Kitchen Counter, your first step is to talk to the renovator in Lethe Village. For 2000 Grilla, he will build you a Kitchen Counter, so you can cook meals to help you take on any of the challenges Harvestella throws at you.

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Harvestella: The 10 Best Items (2024)


Does Harvestella have romance? ›

To unlock romance in Harvestella, players must complete the main story first. Every character has their own story and helping them with their problem will build up intimacy. Once it reaches the max level, the Partnership option will become available.

What to do in Harvestella? ›

Making money is necessary in early game so grow as much as you can and sell everything you pick up off dead bodies and the ground. Some things, including fish says to ship them for money. Most raw material is renewable daily so you don't need to save things if you have no way to craft/cook them yet.

Can you have a baby in Harvestella? ›

Establishing a partnership unlocks new dialogue options, but you can't have children and, as far as we can tell, can't have multiple partners. After meeting the requirements, the mayor visits and gives you a crafting recipe for a ring. Give the ring to your intended partner as a proposal.

Is there a time limit in Harvestella? ›

This is one of the more interesting aspects of Harvestella: There's a calendar, weather, and season system, but no hard time limit in terms of progressing the story. There's a time limit for each individual day, one that is honestly a bit too restrictive in how fast days go.

Does time matter in Harvestella? ›

In order for Harvestella players to get everything they desire done, they'll need to understand the passage of time and the seasons on their farm. Harvestella plays through each of the four seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter) with a special day in between each season known as Quietus.

What is the max level in Harvestella? ›

99 is the max lv. How far are you in the story. I'm on chapter 3 and already at level 32. I just been fighting and farming.

Can you play Harvestella after the ending? ›

Yes, once you defeat Gaia and unlock the Secret Ending, you can still play Harvestella. This includes farming, Side Quests, Closeness Quests, and any other content left unfinished. When are ready, talk to Dianthus on the Omen Airship Bridge to enter the Center of the Planet.

Can you get married to Harvestella? ›

After they complete the main story, the player can complete character stories which will help them raise the intimacy level with each NPC until it is maxed out. At this point, the player can form a "Partnership," Harvestella's marriage equivalent, and the player and the NPC of their choice can begin to live together.

Can you romance Aria in Harvestella? ›

You need to max out closeness with romance candidates before you can confess your feelings and establish a partnership. Here is a list of all known available romance/partnership candidates: Cres. Aria.

Can you romance multiple characters in Harvestella? ›

Craft the ring and give it to your desired partner and they will move into your home. You can choose from any of the nine potential romance options regardless of gender, but you can only have one partner.

How to start a relationship in Harvestella? ›

This is done by completing the corresponding Character Story (marked on your map by a blue indicator) and fulfilling requests from your party members. Maxing out your intimacy with another character is the first big requirement towards partnership — you'll also need to complete the main story.

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