Advance Auto Parts Ups Pickup (2024)

1. UPS Access Point® - UPS Locations

  • UPS Access Point® location in Advance Auto Parts at 1309 S MAIN ST, NORMAL, IL. Pick Up & Drop Off for Pre-Packaged Pre-Labeled Shipments. For customers that ...

  • For customers that have pre-packaged, pre-labeled shipments, our UPS Access Point® location in NORMAL is a simple stop in any neighborhood. Our location is open on weekends and evenings to offer customers flexibility and convenience for their shipping needs. Not only can customers pick up and drop off pre-packaged, pre-labeled shipments, but our location also allows customers to pick up shipments that have been shipped directly or redirected to a UPS Access Point®.

2. UPS gets space at CVS, Michaels, Advance Auto Parts for packages

  • 23 jul 2019 · UPS plans to add package-pickup-or-send sites to CVS Pharmacy, Michaels and Advance Auto Parts stores throughout the country.

  • UPS plans to add package-pickup-or-send sites\u00a0to CVS Pharmacy, Michaels and Advance Auto Parts stores throughout the country.

3. UPS is partnering with CVS, Michael's and Advance Auto Parts to handle ...

4. UPS adds CVS, Michael's and Advanced Auto Parts stores as ...

  • 23 jul 2019 · UPS adds CVS, Michael's and Advanced Auto Parts stores as pickup, drop-off sites. Updated: Jul. 23, 2019, 6:27 p.m. |; Published: Jul. 23 ...

  • Customers will be able to retrieve their packages, print out labels and drop off returns.

5. Diverted UPS package could be part of crime ring - Akron Beacon Journal

  • 28 mei 2023 · The package delivery instructions had been diverted to and picked up at an Akron location of an Advance Auto Parts, which is an authorized UPS ...

  • A Tallmadge woman ordered a laptop from her company's secure employee site. But the package got diverted and picked up by someone at another location.

6. Drop Off Packages | FedEx

  • Drop off your package at a FedEx location near you. Find out how to drop off your FedEx package with or without a printed shipping label.

  • We're sorry, we can't process your request right now. It appears you don't have permission to view this webpage.

7. Ups access point vs store Auto Which

  • 3 uur geleden · Inside Advance Auto Parts.Inside THE UPS STORE. (253) 840-0807. View ... pickup drop off schedule self service lockers easily accessible ...

8. Is cvs a ups drop off location will

  • 13 uur geleden · Is cvs a ups drop off location will - The UPS Store® 2.5 mi. Reopening ... Inside Advance Auto Parts. UPS Access Point® CVS STORE # 2153. mi ...

9. Flexible, Reliable Local Delivery | Roadie, A UPS Company

  • Roadie is a crowdsourced delivery platform that enables urgent, same-day and local next day delivery of just about anything, anywhere, across the U.S..

  • Roadie is a crowdsourced delivery platform that enables urgent, same-day and local next day delivery of just about anything, anywhere, across the U.S.

10. Ups drop off new york ny drop

  • 13 uur geleden · Ups drop off new york ny drop - Laundry. and. Dry Cleaning. , Delivered ... Inside Advance Auto Parts. View Details Get Directions. Drop-off ...

11. UPS added AdvanceAuto to be their pickup/drop-off locations

  • 21 aug 2020 · is a production of Cartalk Digital Inc. We offer unbiased reviews and advice, bad jokes and a great community for car owners and ...

  • seem to be quite convenient:

12. Auto Parts Near Me at 2033 E Joppa Rd in Parkville, MD. We have ...

  • Use Free Curbside and In Store Pickup at all locations to get your parts in 30 minutes, or skip the trip and get your parts with Advance Same Day (r) free home ...

  • Advance Auto Parts 2033 E Joppa Rd in Parkville, MD. Visit us for quality auto parts, advice and accessories.

Advance Auto Parts Ups Pickup (2024)


What is a UPS pick up code? ›

*Note: While we'll notify you on shipment notifications or tracking status updates if you need a code to collect your parcel, your shipper will provide the code directly to you. The package release code is a 4-6 digit numerical code that is provided by the shipper and is different from the tracking number.

What size package can fit in an UPS drop box? ›

*UPS accepts ground shipments with a UPS Returns label at all drop box locations. Size restriction applies to all drop box shipment (maximum size is 16" x 13" x 3").

What is the size limit for UPS boxes? ›

Packages can be up to 150 pounds. Packages can be up to 165 inches in length and girth combined. Packages can be up to 108 inches in length. Packages with a large size-to-weight ratio require special pricing and dimensional weight calculations.

How does an UPS pickup work? ›

You can have your shipment picked up from your home or office by scheduling your pickup online at the link below or by calling 1-800-PICK-UPS® (1-800-742-5877). UPS will pick up all packages with a single pickup request; you'll not be charged additional pickup fees per package.

What is UPS code? ›

The code identifies the UPS delivery facility. It is derived from the destination country and postal code. The code is updated quarterly.

Will UPS charge me for a box? ›

Will UPS box my item? Yes, UPS will box and package your item for you for free in most cases. There may be an added packaging fee for specialty or large shipments.

Can you tape two boxes together to ship UPS? ›

Only same-sized boxes may be strapped together. Use a minimum of four crisscrossed bands, two in each direction. An address label must be placed on each box.

Does UPS check weight? ›

The same way UPS does: Weigh it. UPS charges by weigh, size, and destination, so it is important to them that they know those things for nearly every package they transport. There was a time that only a few packages were “audited”. That is, they were weighed and measured.

What are the UPS service codes? ›

UPS Shipping Service Codes
  • 01 - UPS Next Day Air.
  • 02 - UPS 2nd Day Air.
  • 03 - UPS Ground.
  • 07 - UPS Worldwide Express.
  • 08 - UPS Worldwide Expedited.
  • 11 - UPS Standard.
  • 12 - UPS 3 Day Select.
  • 13 - UPS Next Day Air Saver.
Jun 27, 2023

How do I verify my UPS pickup? ›

See the PRN for a scheduled pickup
  1. Sign in to your My Services page.
  2. Click the Store link.
  3. Go to Shipping Manager.
  4. Under Manage UPS Pickups, click the Pickup Status link. ...
  5. In the Pickup Status tool, locate the scheduled pickup, which will be displayed in the Status of scheduled pickup requests table.
Nov 16, 2021

What does UPS available for pickup mean? ›

If your parcel is “available for pickup,” that means that it's not going to move any further until you take action. There is no point in waiting for this to change to “out for delivery” or anything similar; the parcel is now as far as the courier company is going to take it, and you will have to collect it in person.

How do I get UPS to pick up a return package? ›

How to Get Your Return to UPS
  1. We can come to you (for an additional fee). Schedule a pickup.
  2. Drop it off at a UPS location. Be sure to bring your identification.
  3. You can also hand the labeled package to your friendly neighborhood driver.

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