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Welcome, fellow architects of imagination, to the collaborative hub of infinite creativity — the Interminable Rooms: U-Section Expanded Remastered community website! This digital canvas is not merely a repository of knowledge; it is an ever-evolving masterpiece, shaped by the hands of enthusiasts like yourself.

This wiki is still unfinished. Meaning some pages can contain either incomplete or not contain the correct information. Don't forget to see the rules by clicking here.

About This Wiki

Here, within the boundless corridors of U-Section Expanded Remastered, we invite you to embark on a journey of co-creation. This collaborative space thrives on the synergy of minds coming together to build, work, and expand the very fabric of this virtual universe. Your unique perspective, insights, and creative flair are the keystones that fortify the walls of our shared exploration.

What We Need You To Do

As a participatory member of this dynamic community, you wield the power to shape the narrative, chart the course of discovery, and infuse life into the unexplored nooks of U-Section Expanded Remastered. Feel the exhilaration as you click the "ADD NEW PAGE" or "EDIT" button, your gateway to a realm where ideas converge and possibilities are as limitless as the rooms themselves.

Let your imagination run wild, and with each keystroke, contribute to the collective tapestry of lore, design, and inspiration. From crafting intricate room descriptions to envisioning new entities, your input is the catalyst that transforms this wiki into a living, breathing testament to the boundless potential of collaborative creation.


Remember, wikis thrive on the spirit of inclusivity. Every idea, no matter how small, has the power to spark new realms of thought and ignite the creativity of others. So, fellow architect, seize this opportunity to leave your mark on the ever-expanding legacy of Interminable Rooms: U-Section Expanded Remastered. The rooms await your narrative, and the wiki stands as a testament to the vibrant community that breathes life into the virtual architecture of our shared imagination. Click, contribute, and let the adventure unfold!

About this Wiki's content

Interminable Rooms: U-Section Expanded Remastered is an project by sock6q in Scratch. It's basically an expansion from Original Interminable Rooms Section U. sock6q probably did that because of the huge lack of entities in Original Interminable Rooms Section U. You can see the difference among Original Interminable Rooms Section U's entities lack and Interminable Rooms: U-Section Expanded Remastered by clicking here.


Embark on a journey through the realms of digital ingenuity with Interminable Rooms: U-Section Expanded Remastered, a visionary project brought to life by the creative mind of sock6q on Scratch. This expansion, a testament to the boundless spirit of innovation, takes its roots from the Original Interminable Rooms Section U, seeking to address the considerable void in entities within its virtual confines.Sock6q, the architect behind this reimagined universe, undertook the task with a passion for enhancing the interactive experience within the U-Section. Perhaps spurred by the desire to breathe new life into the original concept, the Expanded Remastered edition unfolds as a testament to the endless possibilities that digital creativity affords.

Intriguingly, the divergence in entities between the Original Interminable Rooms Section U and its Remastered counterpart serves as a visual narrative of evolution. The comparative glimpse, easily accessible by clicking here, paints a vivid picture of progress and innovation. Witness the transformation as new entities come to life, each pixel a stroke of imagination, and each room a testament to the expanded horizons within the virtual architecture.

This project stands as an open invitation to explore the intersection of creativity and technology. As you delve into the differences, you become a spectator to the evolution of ideas and the manifestation of artistic expression in the digital realm. Through sock6q's endeavor, the U-Section Expanded Remastered becomes not just a project but a dynamic canvas where entities flourish, and the virtual tapestry is woven with threads of innovation.

So, whether you're a seasoned explorer of digital landscapes or a newcomer to the realms of Scratch, take a moment to appreciate the ingenuity behind Interminable Rooms: U-Section Expanded Remastered. Click, explore, and witness the evolution of entities as sock6q's vision unfolds, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-expanding canvas of digital creativity. Happy exploring!.

U-Section Expanded Remastered Wiki (2024)


What are interminable rooms? ›

Interminable Rooms is a horror game on Roblox created on the 28th of October 2022 by zvardinRB, however, it has been officially cancelled on 8th of September 2023, but as of October 26, 2023, the game has been recontinued.

Who is 404 in Interminable Rooms? ›

A-404 is the only entity that can appear before its room number, appearing at E-1 or A-400. A-404 was the fastest entity. A-404's jumpscare in its angered state would be randomized.

What does a 100 do in interminable rooms? ›

A-100 when spawned will rush through the rooms and acts like A-150, when it reaches the end, it will turn around and begin rushing through the rooms again. However, A-100 will check lockers so only tables and blue lockers are safe.

How old are interminable rooms? ›

INTERMINABLE ROOMS previously known as “A Rooms Fangame” is a horror game created by zvardinRB on October 28th, 2022.

What are the rooms in Roblox? ›

The Rooms is a different "level", separated from the Hotel that can be explored during gameplay. It is based on another Roblox game "Rooms" by nicorocks5555. It is composed of 1,000 office-like rooms (1,001 rooms including the entrance), with all entities in The Rooms being slightly modified from the original Rooms.

How to survive a 332? ›

To survive an attack from A-332, player(s) must get in a hiding spot (locker, functional blue locker, table, fridge). Do not get out of your hiding spot before A-332 makes its despawn noise (Static Bursts of Interference).

How old is E200 interminable rooms? ›

200 can be triggered to spawn if a door that was automatically closed is opened again. ?- 200's fake despawn sound origin is derived from the Sad Mac sound. ?-200 is the second oldest entity, being 900 years old.

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