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2. The CSLB: Understanding California's Contractor License Board - Procore

  • The Contractors State Licensing Board is the governing body overseeing construction licenses in the state of California. First established in 1929 as the ...

  • Everything California contractors need to know about the CSLB, including licensing, penalties, payment rules, and links to helpful resources.

3. Contractors State License Board - Facebook

4. Contractor License Board California - BASCD

  • 19 sep 2023 · The CSLB is responsible for regulating contractors in the state of California and ensuring that they are properly licensed and qualified to ...

  • Are you considering hiring a contractor in California? If so, it`s important to be aware of the Contractor License Board, also known as the CSLB. The CSLB is responsible for regulating contractors in the state of California and ensuring that they are... Read more »

5. Consumer Affairs Department | Contractors State License Board

  • Consumer Affairs Department | Contractors State License Board ; Address 9246 Lightwave Ave Suite 130. San Diego, CA 92123. Get Directions ; Address PO Box 26000

  • Protects consumers by licensing and regulating the state's construction industry through policies that promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the public. Receives and processes application County of San Diego, California

6. Contractors License Exam California Contractor License Schools

  • California Contractors License... · Types of Contractors Licenses · Login · Locations

  • California Contractors License Exam. We have California Contractor license schools in 25 locations.

7. California Contractors License Experts

  • Every day the Contractors State License Board rejects applicants due to missing or incorrect documentation, simple technicalities, asking the wrong ...

  • We help contractors modify, renew, transfer, buy, sell, or get a new license or with any questions contractors may have with insurance they need.

8. California Contractors License Schools

  • 3 jun 2024 · We are the largest contractors license school in America. Established in 1982, we prepare thousands of people every year to take the exam ...

  • License Instruction Schools Classes are offered throughout California and we guarantee you’ll pass the first time. CLASSIFICATIONS ENROLL NOW How do I get a contractor’s license? Choose a topic from the menu to learn how to qualify, what the fees are, how long it

9. Your Contractor Licensing Experts in California Since 1982

  • Monitoring the progress of contractor's license application with the California Contractors State Licensing Board. Assisting with corporate registration ...

  • Capitol Services are experts in getting your California Contractor's license. We know every twist and turn of the process of obtaining a California Contractor's license.

10. Understanding California Contractor Licenses & the CSLB | Surety First

  • 25 jan 2022 · Learn more about the Contractors State License Board below, including types of contractor licenses, who needs licensure to work, and how to go ...

  • Making sense of California’s contractors licenses and classifications can be a challenge. Surety First helps demystify what they mean and how they can affect your business.

State Board Of Contractors California (2024)
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