How to contact an inmate at Palm Beach County Main Detention Center - Inmate Help (2024)

How to contact an inmate at Palm Beach County Main Detention Center - Inmate Help (1)

How to contact an inmate at Palm Beach County Main Detention Center

This help guide will walk you through how to connect with an inmate. Follow the steps below to find an inmate and send letters and photos:

  1. How to find an inmate online
  2. How to message an inmate
  3. Sending photos and postcards
  4. Frequently asked questions about Palm Beach County Main Detention Center
  5. Overview of Palm Beach County Main Detention Center
  6. Inmate services at Palm Beach County Main Detention Center

Here's a short video on how to contact an inmate at Palm Beach County Main Detention Center:

Palm Beach County Main Detention Center inmate search

To contact a person start by searching for the person on the facility website. Perform a search by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Enter their first name and last name into the search form and click "Search"
  • Step 2: Locate their inmate record
  • Step 3: Write down their Inmate ID and any housing information provided

Important! Be sure to enter the persons full name. Nicknames should not be used.

After finding the person you are looking for you can then create a messaging account to send letters and photos.

How to message an inmate

You can use your phone or computer to send emails letters, and photos to an inmate. Messages are sent electronically to inmate tablets or kiosks at the facility. If you would like to send an message, start by searching for an inmate at Palm Beach County Main Detention Center .

Sending Photos and Postcards

How to contact an inmate at Palm Beach County Main Detention Center - Inmate Help (3)

A great way to send love and support to loved one at Palm Beach County Main Detention Center is to send photos and postcards. It only takes a few minutes to send photos from your phone and it makes a huge difference. You can also mail postcards with words of support and inspiration, or design your own postcard for special moments like birthdays and holidays.

Important! Be sure not to send any explicit photos or they may not be approved by the facility. You can also use a photo printing app like Penmate to make sure your photos are printed at the correct size (4x6 or 3x5) and are mailed according to the rules and regulations of Palm Beach County Main Detention Center.

Frequently asked questions about Palm Beach County Main Detention Center

  1. How long does it take to deliver a message?

    If you're sending an email message your letter is usually delivered within 24-48 hours. For messages sent via mail you should expect delivery within 3-7 days. All messages will need be approved by Palm Beach County Main Detention Center.

  2. How much does it cost to send a message to Palm Beach County Main Detention Center?

    You can send a message free using your phone or mail a message via USPS for the price of a $0.60 stamp and envelope. You can also purchase credits or e-stamps from services starting at $1.99.

  3. What services can I use to contact an inmate at Palm Beach County Main Detention Center?

    You can use Penmate to send letters and photos to an inmate from your phone. It's a easy way to stay in touch during your loved one's incarceration. Use the inmate locator to find an inmate's location and contact information, then you can send messages within a few minutes.

    Securus messaging

    Securus may be another option for communicating with an inmate at Palm Beach County Main Detention Center. You can create a friends and family account and purchase credits to send messages. All messages will be reviewed and must be approved by the facility.


    Some county jails and state prisons may support for sending messages with JPay. You must register an account with the system, find your loved one, and purchase stamps to send messages. For some locations you can also attach photos.

    Smart Jail Mail

    You may also check if Smart Jail Mail is available at Palm Beach County Main Detention Center. Smart Jail Mail is operated by Smart Communications and has contracted with some state and county jails. After purchasing credits, your messages and photos are sent to the facility, printed out, and then handed out to your loved one.

  4. What is the mailing address of Palm Beach County Main Detention Center?
    Mailing address:

    Palm Beach County Main Detention Center
    3228 Gun Club Rd
    West Palm Beach , FL 33406
    (561) 688-3000

    Business hours:
    • Monday: Open 24 hours
    • Tuesday: Open 24 hours
    • Wednesday: Open 24 hours
    • Thursday: Open 24 hours
    • Friday: Open 24 hours
    • Saturday: Open 24 hours
    • Sunday: Open 24 hours

Overview of Palm Beach County Main Detention Center

The Palm Beach County Main Detention Center, located in Florida, serves as the primary detention center where accused adult individuals are held before and after their court proceedings. The detention center's unified goal is to ensure inmates' safety and well-being while complying with Florida statutory obligations to provide appropriate inmate healthcare and sanitation.

The facility has a total capacity of 1856 beds, including 48 cells for infirmary patients, making it one of the biggest detention centers in Florida. This detention center's mission goes far beyond that of the jail's typical security and locking doors. The facility strives to provide opportunities for inmates to transition and live productive, lawful lives through a combination of integrated rehabilitative programming and an innovative housing structure.

The most comprehensive classification of inmates includes various housing classifications, including maximum security, closed custody, predefined segregation categories, and secondary classification modules. Medical and behavioral health services are also available to all men and women. Inmates are routinely screened by healthcare services, searched and evaluated within the first 72 hours, and given ongoing healthcare based on their specific grievances and illnesses.

All law enforcement functions of the Florida prison management are maintained, including fingerprinting, court summons, video court, and fingerprint scanning. Besides, any records of sex offender statuses are available to law enforcement and the community. While civilians do not have their choice for law enforcement offices, potential visitors to inmates may request necessary permission and fill out their forms with little administrative hassle.

What services are provided by Palm Beach County Main Detention Center?

The Palm Beach County Main Detention Center in Florida is outfitted with different programs and services to ensure that inmates leave the facility with healed and improved state of health overall. Jail personnel are constantly in-place session inmates’ interviews to deride improvement plans on their cases while jail medical facilities address their medical complaints under consistent care with qualified and certified med related personnel. The Palm COVID Process site operates an isolation and quarantine essential for inmates on medication reminding special reference towards infected citizens to establish a decontamination stage for medical healthcare professionals examining patients.

Furthermore, the Palm Beach County Jail substance abuse treatment assists suitable necessitated help and educational support to its citizens designated under substance abuse students either underfunded treatment or voluntarily. By this provision, former patients now lead changes in learning not should base down on sentencing walls due to substance-induced actions.

Alternative activities for inmates, under compliance brought themselves up the established fitness zone with physicians and walking experts stocked with machines available from spinning to treadmill assisted gymnasiums. Records by NBC seen where participants said training programs has went above routine of sit-ups- presenting activities to occupying their psyches and endorsing general special purposes initiative consistent improve interest toward benefiting physical attribute achieving holistic sense with communal support to coordinate goal engineering system at work especially offering Inmate volunteer opportunities with extra awarded days of good sports enhancing profession
as achievers equipped to face reception groundwork preparations for others outside confinement in better standing mould institutions being certified and likewise driven authorities that interacts with acquiring needed compliance with external agency examiner from an outlining District practice-centric occurrence congru then jail post-active care convergence along rehabilitated consolidation testimony with the Palm management-wide knowledge deeming safety of cultural occurrence precautions kept herein safeguarding each member populous helped with low cost and unmatched allocation attributes engendering replication

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How to contact an inmate at Palm Beach County Main Detention Center - Inmate Help (2024)


How to contact an inmate at Palm Beach County Main Detention Center - Inmate Help? ›

How to message an inmate. You can use your phone or computer to send emails letters, and photos to an inmate. Messages are sent electronically to inmate tablets or kiosks at the facility. If you would like to send an message, start by searching for an inmate at Palm Beach County Main Detention Center .

How do you communicate with someone in jail? ›

Written Correspondence – Sending letters or postcards through the mail is another common way to communicate with an inmate. You can write to the inmate and send the letter to the address provided by the correctional facility.

How to contact inmates in Florida? ›

Inmate Telephone System
  1. Online –
  2. Mobile App – Google Play Store / Apple App Store.
  3. Automated Phone System – (866) 732-9098.

What apps can I use to text inmates? ›

Dashboard. TextBehind® This website and the companion mobile app for Apple and Android Smartphones enable family and friends to communicate with incarcerated loved ones conveniently, consistently, and affordably.

What phone service does Palm Beach County Jail use? ›

FDC has contracted with Securus Technologies to provide calling and account billing services to incarcerated individuals.

How do inmates get messages? ›

The Secure Messaging Program allows family and friends with a JPay account to receive messages and e-cards from and to send messages, photos, and VideoGrams to incarcerated individuals. Messages of up to 6,000 characters are transmitted utilizing a JPay “stamp”.

How do you leave a message to someone in jail? ›

How It Works
  1. Dial into the facility's Inmate Voicemail number.
  2. Select a language (English or Spanish).
  3. Enter the inmate's PIN (permanent) ID number.
  4. Listen to voicemail cost and available message length options, then make your selection.
  5. Record your voicemail at the sound of the beep.

How do I email an inmate in Palm Beach County Jail? ›

Family and friends of inmates can use the website to manage their account with GTL. Friends and family can create and fund an AdvancePay prepaid telephone account, and create, send and receive e-messages (very similar to email) with inmates from the website.

How to write a letter to someone in jail online? ›

The faster way to write an incarcerated individual

JPay's incarcerated individual email service is a fast, feature-rich way to correspond with your incarcerated loved one. Depending on the facility, incarcerated individuals may be able to respond electronically, view and print your message, and view photo attachments.

How much is a 15-minute jail call in Florida? ›

Table 5. Average jail calling rates in each state, 2021
State Average in-state per minute rate  Average 15 minute in-state call  
46 more rows

Do jails monitor text messages? ›

Yes, jails and correctional facilities may monitor text messages and other electronic communications sent by inmates. The extent of monitoring and the methods used can vary depending on the policies of the facility and the technology available.

Can you send bathing suit pictures to inmates? ›

Children are allowed in photos. However, DO NOT send photos where a child is partially or fully undressed. This includes bathtime, diaper pictures, or swimsuit photos of an infant or child. Make sure any child pictured is fully clothed.

How long does it take for an inmate to receive an iMessage? ›

Most messages are delivered instantly. Each correctional facility may set up specific delivery rules depending on a variety of factors which may result in a message being delayed for a period of time prior to delivery.

How can a Florida inmate call me? ›

Inmates can call any approved phone numbers, including cell phones, with their debit account. COLLECT: Calls to certain approved numbers and the call charges will remain the same as they do today on your monthly phone bill.

How do I visit an inmate in Palm Beach County Jail? ›

How to Schedule a Visit with an Inmate. You must complete the Visitation Scheduling form prior to visiting each week. It is only available and must be completed between Monday 5:00 AM EST and Wednesday 5:00 PM EST. No walk-up appointments will be accommodated without a Visitation Scheduling form submission.

Do inmates use phones? ›

In most jurisdictions, prison inmates are forbidden from possessing mobile phones due to their ability to communicate with the outside world and other security issues. Mobile phones are one of the most smuggled items into prisons.

Can you use Social Media in jail? ›

Many state prison systems already ban imprisoned people from accessing social media and a handful of states, including Alabama and Iowa, ban third parties from posting on prisoners' behalf.

What do prisoners use to communicate with each other? ›

The tap code has been commonly used by prisoners to communicate with each other. The method of communicating is usually by tapping either the metal bars, pipes or the walls inside a cell.

How do inmates call each other? ›

Institutional Phone Systems – Inmates may use institutional phone systems to make outgoing calls to approved phone numbers, including other inmates' phone numbers within the same facility. These calls are typically subject to monitoring and may be restricted or limited based on facility policies.

What do you talk about on the phone with someone in jail? ›

Jail calls are recorded, and defendants, as well as their loved ones, are given this warning. Everything they say on the call can be used as evidence against them in their case. So it's okay to talk about the weather or other family members, to be supportive of them, or to comfort them.

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