Harvestella Sprinkler Lvl 2 (2024)

1. Sprinkler Lv2 - Harvestella Wiki - Fandom

  • Sprinkler Lv2 is a crafted item and processing machine. It must occupy one square of farmland before it can be operated. Faerie Orders x30 Sprinkler Lv2 ...

  • Sprinkler Lv2 is a crafted item and processing machine. It must occupy one square of farmland before it can be operated. Faerie Orders x30 Sprinkler Lv2 requires the following three crafting materials: Lorelei's Tears x2 Large Water Core x1 Monolite Fragment x10 Creation time: 50 Minutes

2. Sprinkler - Harvestella Wiki - Fandom

  • Sprinkler is a crafted item and processing machine in Harvestella. It must occupy one square of farmland before it can be operated.

  • Sprinkler is a crafted item and processing machine in Harvestella. It must occupy one square of farmland before it can be operated. It waters all squares adjacent to it. Faerie Orders x3 Sprinkler requires the following three crafting materials: Lorelei's Tears x1 Small Water Core x1 Monolite Fragment x5 Creation time: 40 Minutes

3. Crafting Guide and Recipes - Harvestella Guide - IGN

  • 9 dec 2022 · Sprinkler Lv 2, The Great Water Faerie's pride and joy. Sprinkles water over 2 block in all directions when installed on the farm. 2x ...

  • This page is part of IGN's Harvestella Wiki Guide and contains everything you need to know about how to unlock the Crafting Table required for crafting

4. Harvestella machines - Pocket Tactics

  • 9 jan 2023 · You can get the Harvestells sprinkler LV 2 recipe by completing more water faerie rewards. That's all the Harvestella machines we've got so far.

  • Harvestella machines are a handy asset for any aspiring farmer or adventurer, so let's take a look at how to unlock them, install them, and more

5. Harvestella: The 10 Best Items - TheGamer

  • 11 dec 2022 · 10 Sprinkler · 9 Promise Ring · 8 Accessory Synthesis Jar · 7 Fishing Knowledge Book · 6 Hammer · 5 Feed Maker · 4 Fermenting Barrel · 3 Repair Kit.

  • When you're farming and saving the world, you're going to need some great items.

6. Harvestella Farming Guide | Locations & Crop Prices - TechRaptor

  • 12 nov 2022 · 30 Orders- Sprinkler Level 2 recipe and Waterside Biome Level 3; 39 Orders - Water Skill: Stamina Down Level 2 and Jam Maker Level 2 recipe ...

  • This Harvestella farming guide will discuss the types of crops in-game, where to find them, how much the seeds cost, and what season they grow in.

7. Harvestella: Farming Basics & Advanced Techniques (Tips ...

  • 8 nov 2022 · Once seeds have been planted, players need to equip the watering can, go to the location of the planted seeds, and press the X button to water ...

  • Farming basics and techniques in Harvestella.

8. Harvestella: Crafting Guide And Recipes - Game Rant

  • 17 nov 2022 · Day 2 (Automatic). Hard Stone x10. Clear out stones. Return Bell. Crafted Item. Day 3 (Automatic). Monolite Fragment x3. Instant teleport home.

  • There are many things to craft in Harvestella, and many of their recipes aren't straightforward to get.

9. Great Faerie Orders - Harvestella Guide - IGN

  • 4 nov 2022 · Flour Mill Lv 2, Complete 21x Tasks. Plow Skill Charge Lv 2, Complete 28x Tasks. Fire Faerie Stone Plow Stamina Down Lv 3, Complete 60x Tasks ...

  • This Harvestella guide will help you complete the Great Faerie Orders on your farm. After venturing through the Higan Canyon and beginning Chapter 3, a tiny

Harvestella Sprinkler Lvl 2 (2024)


What are the materials for sprinklers in Harvestella? ›

There are a couple of different sprinklers you can craft. But the basic sprinkler will cost you one Lorelei's Tears, one Small Water Core, and five Monolite Fragments. There are many unlockable fields on your farm, and you can't be everywhere at once.

Where to find small water core harvestella? ›

Harvested Items
ItemsProfit ValueHow to Harvest
Large Wind Core30gMine Njord Steppe
Small Water Core20gMine Coral Shrine
Large Water Core30gMine Coral Shrine
Small Earth Core20gMine Silent Cave
67 more rows

What is the best sprinkler placement? ›

Head-To-Head Coverage

In a nutshell, it means that the heads are spaced so that they overlap from head to head. Each head should throw water far enough so that it hits the next head. If you were to use a stand-alone method you will most likely see dry brown spots in areas of your lawn due to insufficient watering.

How do you get sprinklers in farm together? ›

Sprinklers are another efficient way to speed up crop growth. At farm level five, you'll be able to buy one small sprinkler at the cost of one medal. One sprinkler reaches two squares. For crops like watermelons that need a day to grow, installing sprinklers will cut down the hours spent waiting for growth by a lot.

What are the 4 required components of a sprinkler system? ›

An Automatic Sprinkler System Is Made Up Of Five Basic Components:
  • A timer or controller.
  • The pipe or tubing.
  • The valves.
  • The sprinkler heads.
  • And a backflow preventer.

What are the materials used in sprinkler? ›

Steel has traditionally been the material of choice for fire sprinklers, although thermoplastic pipes now dominate residential and other light-hazard categories.

Where can I get clay harvestella? ›

Mining Locations
  • Coral Shrine.
  • Divine Seaslight Cave.

Where to get silver ore in Harvestella? ›

Where to Harvest
  • Heaven's Egg.
  • Coral Shrine.
  • Silent Cave.
  • Divine Seaslight Cave.
  • Cave Biome.

What level do you get better sprinklers? ›

Recipe. You get the blueprint for the sprinkler at level 6 farming.

How many sprinklers do I need? ›

Typically, a zone can accommodate between five to ten sprinkler heads, with the understanding that each sprinkler head has a watering radius of about 15 feet. However, keep in mind that this is a general guideline, and the specific requirements of your lawn may vary.

What type of sprinkler is most efficient? ›

Multiple stream sprinklers

Another common type of pop-up sprinkler is a multiple stream sprinkler head, which produces thin water streams distributed as the head rotates. Compared to fixed-spray heads that emit a fine mist, multiple-stream sprinklers are more water-efficient, losing less to evaporation.

How do I get more sprinklers in harvest town? ›

The Farmer Sprinkler should be available in the Craft tab in your bag when you reach the Farming Skill Level 1 (Title: Farmer I). If you are still unable to craft it, you can always go to the Mall tab (the gold swirly icon beside your money). You can buy the Super Sprinkler for 60 diamonds.

Can you get sprinklers in harvest Moon? ›

Sprinklers are part of the Harvest Moon: One World research options included in Doc's Craft Shop, which can be unlocked by filling resource requests issued by Doc. These give players more control over their use of daily energy and save time they can instead spend exploring or expanding their farms.

What farming level do you unlock sprinklers? ›

Sprinkler: Unlocked at Farming Level 2, and waters the 4 tiles that are orthogonally adjacent to the Sprinkler (i.e.; directly above, below, and to either side). Requires: 1 Copper Bar.

What materials are used in sprinkler irrigation? ›

A sprinkler system usually consists of the following components (i) A pump unit (ii) Tubings- main/submains and laterals (iii) Couplers (iv) Sprinker head (v) Other accessories such as valves, bends, plugs and risers. (i) Pumping Unit: Sprinkler irrigation systems distribute water by spraying it over the fields.

What are sprinklers made of? ›

A rotary sprinkler head is most effective on lawns greater than 30 square feet. Most sprinkler heads are made of plastic and a few are manufactured with brass nozzles. These sprinkler heads are as durable as older brass and zinc models.

What material is sprinkler line? ›

Common materials used for sprinkler system piping include PVC, polyethylene, or galvanized steel. The choice of material depends on factors such as pressure requirements and the specific application.

What material is required for irrigation lines? ›

Materials You'll Need for Irrigation Installation

These can be made from PVC, polyethylene, or specialized soaker or garden hose materials, depending on the system type.

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