Halifax County Sheriff Office, NC, Arrest Warrants Search (2024)

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TheHalifax County Sheriff's Office is located at 355 Ferrell Lane, Halifax, NC 27839. They can be reached by telephone at (252) 583-8201 for non-emergency situations. For emergencies, always dial 911. Further details and resources can be found on the Sheriff's Office Official Website.

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Arrest Warrants Search

The Halifax County sheriff's department maintains a record of active arrest warrants. An active warrant is an order issued by a judge, authorizing law enforcement to arrest a person accused of a crime. Arrest warrants are typically issued for offenses ranging from traffic violations to more serious felonies.

Residents can perform a Halifax County Warrant lookup using the department's online system. This system allows anyone to check if there is an outstanding warrant for their arrest or the arrest of someone else. Please note, however, that while this information is updated regularly, it may not reflect the most recent changes.

Active Arrest Warrants Search

Arrest Records Search and Criminal Records

In addition to active arrest warrants, the local sheriff's office also maintains arrest records and criminal records for Halifax County. Arrest records document any arrests made by Halifax County law enforcement, and criminal records detail a person's criminal history.

A search of these records can be conducted through the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office, but please be aware that some records may be restricted due to privacy laws. To facilitate public record checks, an online portal is available.

Arrest Records and Criminal Records Search

Background Checks

The Halifax County Sheriff's Office provides background checks for individuals and businesses. This service provides a comprehensive report of an individual's criminal history within Halifax County. This can be useful for employment screening, tenant screening, or any other purpose where a detailed background check may be necessary.

Background Checks Request

Sex Offender Registry

The Halifax County Sheriff's Office maintains the local sex offender registry, which lists individuals in the county who have been convicted of sex-related crimes. This list includes those who are considered most wanted for crimes related to sexual offenses. The public can access the registry online to stay informed about offenders residing in their community.

Sex Offender Registry

Most Wanted List

The Halifax County Sheriff's Department keeps a most wanted list to inform the public of individuals who are wanted for serious crimes and have eluded arrest. This list can be found on the department's website and is regularly updated.

Most Wanted List

Halifax County Police Departments

In addition to the Halifax County Sheriff's Office, there are several local police departments that operate within the county. They work in tandem with the sheriff's department to maintain law and order. These include:

  • Roanoke Rapids Police Department
  • Weldon Police Department
  • Enfield Police Department

Bail Bonds

When an individual is arrested in Halifax County, they may be eligible for bail. Bail is a monetary guarantee that the arrested individual will appear in court at thedesignated time. If the individual cannot afford the full amount of the bail, they can seek the services of a bail bond agency.

Bail bond agencies in Halifax County provide the court with a guarantee (the bail bond) that the full bail amount will be paid if the defendant does not appear in court as required. Typically, the defendant pays the bail bond agency a non-refundable fee (usually 10-15% of the total bail amount).

Here are a few local bail bond agencies in Halifax County:

Please note that all dealings with bail bond agencies should be conducted with caution and legal advice if needed.

Inmate Information

Individuals who are arrested in Halifax County are typically held at the Halifax County Jail. This facility is operated by the Sheriff's Office and is designed to detain individuals who are waiting for their court date or serving a short-term sentence.

Inmate information, such as visitation schedules and contact methods, can be found on the Sheriff's Office website. Friends and family members can also deposit money into an inmate's commissary account online.

Halifax County Jail and Inmate Information

It's important to remember that all individuals listed on the active arrest warrants, arrest records, criminal records, or the most wanted list are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If you have any information that might assist law enforcement, please contact the Halifax County Sheriff's Office immediately.

Additional Services and Information

Apart from the primary responsibilities, the Halifax County Sheriff's Office offers various other services and provides essential information that can be beneficial to the residents.

Gun Permits

In North Carolina, and thus in Halifax County, specific permits are required for purchasing and carrying firearms. The Halifax County Sheriff's Office is responsible for issuing these permits following the state law. Residents can apply for these permits through the Sheriff's Office.

Gun Permits Application

Community Programs

The Halifax County Sheriff's Office is actively involved in several community programs. These programs aim to establish a better relationship between law enforcement and the community, facilitate crime prevention, and enhance public safety. Some of these programs include the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program and the Neighborhood Watch program.

Community Programs

News and Updates

The Halifax County Sheriff's Office provides news and updates through its official website. These updates include public notices, crime alerts, safety tips, and general information about the Sheriff's Office's activities.

News and Updates

Remember, the Sheriff's Office is a resource for the community. It is dedicated to serving and protecting the residents of Halifax County. For any queries, doubts, or to report any suspicious activities, please feel free to contact the Halifax County Sheriff's Office at the aforementioned contact details.

Civil Process and Evictions

The Halifax County Sheriff's Office also has a civil process unit responsible for serving a variety of legal documents throughout the county. This includes summons, subpoenas, evictions, and other civil documents. They ensure these legal orders are served in a timely manner, respecting the legal rights of all parties involved. For questions regarding the status of a civil process, contact the Sheriff's Office.

Civil Process Information

Sheriff's Sales

Sheriff's sales are public auctions where property is sold to satisfy judgments, such as unpaid taxes or mortgage debts. The Halifax County Sheriff's Office is responsible for conducting these sales and ensuring that they are carried out in accordance with North Carolina law. Information on upcoming Sheriff's sales can be found on the Sheriff's Office website.

Sheriff's Sales

Victim Assistance

The Halifax County Sheriff's Office offers resources and assistance to victims of crimes. This includes support navigating the criminal justice system, referral to local resources, and providing information about victims' rights and services. Victims of crimes should reach out to the Sheriff's Office for help.

Victim Assistance

Emergency Management

The Sheriff's Office plays a vital role in emergency management within Halifax County. In the event of a natural disaster, severe weather event, or other emergencies, the Sheriff's Office coordinates with local, state, and federal agencies to respond effectively. They also provide public information and updates during these events.

Emergency Management

School Resource Officers (SRO)

The Halifax County Sheriff's Office works closely with local schools to provide School Resource Officers (SROs). These are sworn law enforcement officers responsible for providing security and crime prevention services in the school environment. They work to create a safe learning environment, assist in the education of students about law enforcement, and serve as a positive role model to students.

School Resource Officers Program

Animal Control

The Sheriff's Office also manages animal control services for Halifax County. This includes handling stray animals, investigating animal cruelty cases, and enforcing animal control ordinances. If residents encounter problems with animals, they should contact the Sheriff's Office or the designated Animal Control officer.

Animal Control Services

Training and Recruiting

The Halifax County Sheriff's Office is always seeking qualified individuals to join their team. The department offers comprehensive training for new recruits and continuous professional development for its members. Information about current job openings, hiring processes, and training can be found on their official website.

Training and Recruiting Information

Citizens' Academy

The Halifax County Sheriff's Office runs a Citizens' Academy program. This program is designed to give Halifax County residents an inside look at law enforcement operations and responsibilities. The academy covers a variety of topics, including patrol procedures, criminal investigations, community policing, and much more.

Citizens' Academy

These are just a few of the many services provided by the Halifax County Sheriff's Office. As a key law enforcement agency in the community, the office is committed to promoting safety, security, and a high quality of life for all Halifax County residents.

Halifax County Sheriff Office, NC, Arrest Warrants Search (2024)
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