Finishing Bounties and Errands Part 2 | Gamer Guides: You... (2024)

Errand #069 - The runaway Fairies

Description: A fairy in Golden Grove is anxiously waiting for his friends to return after they fled the forest.

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Goal: Agree to look for his missing friends.

Unlock Requirements: Complete Errand #053.

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Stamps: 10

Rewards: Kaleidostones x2, 5000 G

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Formulae: 076, 109

Make your way to the southern exit of the Golden Grove, where you’ll find the fairy from before, except this time, he wants your help in finding his friends and telling them the forest is safe again. He has five friends to find, and you have to find them one at a time, then come back and talk to him again to find out where the next one is.

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  • Skull Mountain. Travel there, then head south down the mountain. The fairy is hiding behind the wooden fence behind the second red flag to the south.

  • The Vault of Tears. Travel there, then go inside. Travel north to the first fork, then go west. As the path curves from west to north, check the cell against the left wall to find another fairy. If you look at your map, it’s just west of the magic seal to the north.

  • Motorville. (HOW?) In any case, cast Gateway, then go directly south, turning right to Phil’s workshop as you get to it to find the next one.

  • Abandoned Mine. Travel to Hamelin, then fly east over the Mountains with Tengri, landing on the open area near the ocean that leads up to the Abandoned Mine. The fairy is inside near the skeleton to the far north.

  • Forest Glade on Jack Frost’s Playground. Travel to Yule, then fly southeast, having Tengri drop you off near the center of the island. Enter the Forest Glade in the dead center of it, then talk to the last fairy in here to return with your task completed. You’ll get your reward, as well as two new formulae.

Errand #070 - The Greatest Treasure

Description: A young boy in Castaway Cove has found a pirate’s treasure map, and is keen to investigate the locations marked on it.

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Goal: Offer to investigate the locations on the map.

Stamps: 10

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Rewards: Evil Eyes x2, 5000 G

Formulae: 051, 056, 068, 125

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In Castaway Cove, make your way over to just outside the Cat’s Cradle and talk to the little boy. He’s found a treasure map, and wants you to find the treasures since his mom won’t let him. There are seven places marked on the map, and as we’ll find out, each one pinpoints the location of one of the stone tablets we’ve come across several times in our journey. You can talk to the people in town if you want regarding the locations, or you can just read along right here:

  • Shipwreck Shore - Fly northeast of the Vault of Tears to the dead-end on a high point surrounded by the sea. It’s north of where the Sea Cow is docked, and north of the wreckage there. (3B)

  • Bungler’s Bay - Fly directly south of Old Smoky. It’s on the southeastern corner of the island. (73)

  • The Barrens - Fly south of Skull Mountain / west of the northern entrance of Golden Grove. It’s a small section of land near the ocean to the southeast of where the Sea Cow is docked. The tablet is southwest of the waterfall to the north. (5A)

  • Tiny Tim - Fly southwest of Yule; it’s the top of the two isles to the southwest of the Winter Wonderlands. It’s on the center of the island, almost under the overhanging cliffs to the northeast. (1K)

  • Swan Island - Fly northeast of The Deep Dark Wood to Swan Island. The tablet is on the eastern side of the island. (4L)

  • Billy Goat’s Bluff - Fly northwest just a tad from Perdida. It’s at the dead-end of the path that you could’ve taken had you docked your ship on the west coast of Autumnia. There’s a forage point nearby. (6I)

  • No Longer Mine - Fly south-southeast of Hamelin to No Longer Mine isle. Land on the westernmost part of the island, then go south and across the thin bridge to find the stone here. (2U)

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Return to Castaway Cove after discovering the six sets of letters, and the boy will wonder if you can decipher it all for him. If you put it all in alphanumeric order, you get this… which if you put the second character under the first, you get this…

“1K2U3B4L5A6I73” —> “1234567”

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So enter “KUBLAI3”, which stands for Kublai Khan the Third! Make your way to the Iron Wyvern and talk to Kublai on the western side of the ship. He’ll tell you the tell on Kublai Khan the Third, who’ll tell you of one last treasure in the depths of a forest on an island that no ship could reach. Travel to the Tombstone Trail, then fly on Tengri to the northeast. Have him drop you off in the center of The Broken Crown, then examine the monument and use ‘Rejuvenate’ to bring the text back.

Once you’ve read it, return to Castaway Cove and talk to the boy one last time to end this mini adventure. You’ll receive a bunch of formulae in addition to the usual treasure for completion.

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Errand #075 - Fierce Creatures

Description: Derwin has moved on to Ding Dong Dell in search of more creature data.

Goal: Agree to help Derwin with his research.

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Unlock Requirement: Complete Errand #075.

Stamps: 8

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Rewards: Lumberwood Ticket, Relixx Ticket, Dinoceros Ticket, 8000 G

Enemies: #312 - Grubby Fug, #320 - Auric Collum, #332 - Shellmet

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In Ding Dong Dell, you’ll find Derwin once again, this time on the north side of town by the fountain. However, instead of catching some familiars for him, he would like you to get rid of some dangerous ones. Fair enough! There are three to dispose of:

  1. Grubby Fug on Jack Frost’s playground. Equip your Blazing Blades and fire-dealing equipment, then fly southeast of Yule, landing on the center of the island to deal with the brute. After defeating him, Derwin will appear and give you your next target.

  2. Auric Collum on the Genie’s Steps (southeast of the Shimmering Sands). Equip your Bluster Blades and storm-dealing equipment, then fly directly west of The Vault of Tears, on the highest point of the plateaus here. He has quite a high defense, so be sure to heal throughout the battle, as it will probably take longer than the last. Afterward, Derwin appears again and give you your next target.

  3. Shellmet on No Longer Mine isle, the first island south of Autumnia. Fly south-southeast of Hamelin and land in the center of the island for take on the last of the beasties. He’s just about as difficult as the last; while he doesn’t have any weaknesses, he defenses aren’t nearly as high, so buff up your party and just let out a barrage of physical attacks. As long as you keep your party healed, you’ll be fine. After this one, Derwin will be finished with you and give you your reward.

Errand #078 - The Master Alchemist

Description: An old man who inhabits a cave atop the Genie’s Steps says he is willing to teach you some advanced alchemical techniques.

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Goal: Learn alchemical techniques from the Alchemist.

Stamps: 7

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Rewards: Troll’s Tears x2, Glowstones x2, 5000 G

Formulae: 060, 084, 094, 097, 127, 130

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Remember the Alchemist’s Cave? It’s the cave just to the north on the right side of the plateaus as you go from the grassy area of the Castaway Cove area into the Shimmering Sands. Pay a visit to the alchemist in here, and he wants to teach you some REAL alchemy!

However, what he asks you to make is no walk in the park. First, he asks that you make a Demon’s Ax, then once you’ve made that, he wants you to make it into a War God’s Ax! Well, here’s what you need to make them, and where to go to obtain them.

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Demon’s Ax

  • Grand Ax - Purchase in Perdida for 14500 G.

  • Black Wings x 2 - If you fought a lot in the Spring Isles, you more than likely already have them. If not, the easiest place to get these are to get both the Relixx and/or the Eggyptian enemies around Ara Memoriae to drop them, or to have Swaine swipe them with his Mugshot. (The Sharp-Hooter in Ivory Tower also carries them.)

  • Tachestone x 3 - There’s a few places where we can get these, but I recommend going back to the Ivory Tower. Both the Tokotocold and the Honky-Tonker in the Ivory Tower have these, so have Swaine steal them or try to get the baddies to drop them. (Other places you can get them: Puss in Boats, whom you can encounter in the sea around Nazcaä; Burly Hurly, whom you can find running around Perdida; Bone Brigadier, who is still haunting Nevermore.)

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War God’s Ax

  • Demon’s Ax - Well, you just made it… hopefully you didn’t sell it…

  • Kaleidostone x 5 - This one (and the next) are extremely tough to get, so good luck. One of the following “golden” enemies will have a RARE shot of dropping it, so take your pick. I recommend the Golden Tokotocold in the Ivory Tower so you can grind for EXP against the normal Tokotocolds while you’re at it:

  • Ivory Tower - Golden Tokotocold (Rare Drop)

  • Miasma Marshes - Golden Gobfather (Rare Drop)

  • Glittering Grotto - Golden Bedraggle (Rare Drop / Rare Steal)

  • Scroll of Truth x5 - Same as above, all are very rare to get. Pick your favorite location; I had more luck in the Tombstone Trail for some reason.

  • Miasma Marshes - Golden Hog-Goblin (Rare Drop)

  • Tombstone Trail - Golden Honky Tonker (Rare Steal)

  • Vault of Tears - Golden Toko (Rare Drop)
    (Fast forward 60 hours)… Once you have all of those and you’ve made them for the Alchemist, you’ll receive your prizes, as well as several more formulae!

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You can earn two more formulae by bringing him items as well, once you’ve completed your original task. Complete the Solosseum’s Rank A to obtain a Heart of the Muse, then show it to him to earn formula #127. Complete Bounty #122 to receive a Cad’s Clasp from the boss, then show it to him to earn formula #130.

Errand #085 - Notes from the Center

Description: A man visiting Ding Dong Dell is rather flustered after misplacing his bally diary. However could this have happened?

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Goal: Calmly agree to look for the missing diary yet again.

Unlock Requirement: Complete Errand #084.

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Stamps: 10

Rewards: Angel’s Wings x2, 5000 G

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Items: Wizard King’s Secret, Traceler’s Diary, Star-Eater’s Fang

Formulae: 088, 093

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In Ding Dong Dell, talk to the man outside of the Cat’s Cradle to… ugh, find his missing diary once again. FOR THE LAST TIME! Leave Ding Dong Dell, then start walking directly southwest for an orange and yellow set of trees quite a ways east of the Golden Grove (which appears to be roughly halfway between the Golden Grove and the beach where the Sea Cow is docked.) If you go through the trees, you’ll find a path that wasn’t there until now, so follow the path a long while until you wind up at a hidden forest glade in the Southern Summerlands.

There’s some treasure here, so open the purple chest to your right first to find a [WIZARD KING’S SECRET] , then make your way to about the center of the area, just to the east of a large mushroom, and you should see an exclamation point appear over Oliver’s head. Examine the ground to find the [TRAVELER’S DIARY] , then go to the dead-end to the west and check out the vantage point here to open the green chest for a [STAR-EATER’S FANG] .

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Before going back to Ding Dong Dell… notice the large door here to the north. Talk to the… bunny (?) here, who will introduce himself as “The Conductor.” Talk to him and agree to undertake his task to unlock a whole new set of errands… that we’ll take on later. (See errand #131.)

For now, once you’ve at least started that errand and have the diary in hand, return to Ding Dong Dell and claim your prizes and extra formulae.

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Errand #132 - Totally Tidy Tools

Description: Smiley and Surly need some ideas for new weapons to attract customers to their shop.

Goal: Agree to help Smiley and Surly.

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Stamps: 0

Rewards: Blossom of the Bard, Pretty Parasol, 10,000 G

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Formulae: 131

On the Iron Wyvern, talk to Surly, and he’ll want you to go look for new weapon ideas for him. Agree, then Travel to The Fairyground to get started. Your first idea will come from the large fairy watching the comedy show to the northeast: the soppy slapstick. Next, head far north and talk to the Fairy Godmother for the second idea: the lullaby lance.

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Finally, you need to go back… inside the Fairy Godmother, so… once you climb down the ladder, head east to magically be back in. Go out into the hallway and enter the far left room with the sunflower on it. Check the slide at the top of the room to find the last idea: the flawed claws.

Leave the Fairy Godmother’s insides the way you came (luckily you don’t have to be “born again”) and return to the Iron Wyvern. Give the ideas to Surly, but Smiley needs one more idea, so for it, use ‘Gateway’ and go to Oliver’s House in Motorville. Go into the kitchen beside the stairs and check beside the sink to get the last idea: Mom’s favorite pan.

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Return to the Iron Wyvern one last time and talk to Surly to end this task. In addition to normal rewards and even an extra formula, you can now buy those goofy weapons from the boys themselves!

29,700 GHero’s Sword
54,000 GSoppy Slapstick
27,900 GKiss of Death
34,200 GCrystal Spear
54,000 GLullaby Lance
36,000 GOgre King’s Ax
54,000 GMom’s Favorite Pan
34,200 GWerewolf Claws
54,000 GFlawed Claws
27,000 GKnight’s Armor
25,200 GRobe of Restoration
20,700 GDiva’s Mantle
19,800 GShiny Shield
16,200 GNix Gnashers

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Errand #134 - Order of Illusion

Description: The knights who appeared in the Ivory Tower are ghosts who were once charged with protecting Queen Cassiopeia.

Goal: Agree to listen to the knights’ request.

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Stamps: 0

Rewards: Nazcaän Longsword, Nazcaän Armor, Nazcaän Helm, 10000 G

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Enemies: #313 - Magimech, #314 - Manic Magimech, #316 - Magimech Master

From the Iron Wyvern, fly east into the Ivory Tower. Make your way north to the Waystone, and you’ll find some Nazcaän soldiers. Talk to the captain, Caph, and he’ll request your assistance. Remember the robots we’ve seen in pieces throughout the game? Well, apparently they’ve now come back to life, so we need to find them once again and dismantle them for good. Here’s where they all are:

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  • Golden Grove - From the northern entrance, make your way south, then east, north, and west to the dead-end with the first soldier.

  • Old Smoky - From the entrance, just follow the path north, then north at the fork to find the next soldier.

  • Tombstone Trail - At the second Waystone halfway up the map is a shack; the third soldier is hanging around there.

  • Glittering Grotto - On the lower section of the Grotto, in the open area just southwest of the Waystone south of where you fought the boss.

Once you’ve obliterated the four, return to the Ivory Tower and report to Caph. You’ll now be charged with taking out three more, except this time, they’re the stronger Magimech Masters. Leave the Ivory Tower, then make your way to Nazcaä. Save before each fight, then take out the three:

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  • Located just south of Ara Memoriae.
  • Located to the far north of Ara Memoriae.
  • Located just west of the southeastern landing point on the island.
    Once those three are taken out, return to the Ivory Tower one last time, but before you do anything, SAVE and RECOVER at the Waystone. When you’re ready, talk to Caph, which will lead to a tough fight; this time, it’s against one Manic Magimech and TWO Magimech Masters… AT ONCE! For this battle, you’ll want to switch to Esther; use her to boost your party’s defense and attack, then focus on healing, as the Magimechs will be dishing out damage quick enough to where you wouldn’t want to trust Esther on her own.

Errand #136 - Great-Great-Grandsage

Description: A sagely looking ghost has been waiting at the Ara Memoriae. It seems he has something important to say.

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Goal: Listen to what Horace has to say.

Unlock Requirement: Completed all of Horace’s previous puzzles

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Stamps: 0

Rewards: Mirror of Truth, 10,000 G

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Formulae: 132, 133, 134

In Ara Memoriae, go to the far north and talk to Horace; he has a long story to tell you about himself, Nazcaä, and Cassiopeia, but it will take place over several locations and with several riddles. Here are the locations and answers:

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  • Ara Memoriae - To the far north. (“Mornstar”)
  • Tombstone Trail - At the very end of the path to the far north. (“Aapep”)
  • The Vault of Tears - The room where you fought the boss to the northwest. (“Pea”)
  • The Glittering Grotto - To the north on the top section. (“Bring Hope”)
  • The Ivory Tower - At the very end of the tower, before the final boss. (“Wizard’s Companion”)
    Once you’ve completed all of this and have your new formulae, be sure to crate the Sky Tree Wand for Oliver!
Finishing Bounties and Errands Part 2 | Gamer Guides: You... (2024)
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